We cover practically, the whole portfolio of alternative services

ABA-Cargo is a highly competitive, reliable and competent logistics company with over ten years of experience within the land, sea, air and intermodal freight transportation sector.

We have the required experience to offer solutions that make time and costs to be efficient and competitive in the transportation services of your products in different ways.

We cover practically, the whole portfolio of alternative services such as, insurance, custody and transloading, among others. In the same way, our coverage includes different routes, mainly among the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, allowing us to reach any port, city or town.

We are focused on providing the best services through our strategic alliances with domestic and international suppliers that help us cover virtually, the entire spectrum of options for any requirement our customers may have.

Develop logistics strategies to move our customers' cargo in an efficient and secure way guaranteeing a service with quality and excellence.

Become a strategic partner for our customers to meet their transportation needs through the development of flexible, reliable and efficient logistics solutions, and the establishment of honest business deals.

  • Establish friendly and reliable business relationships.
  • Provide quality service through established processes.
  • Provide solutions to improve our customers' businesses.
  • Be a step ahead at all times, with strategies that help clients improve their operations.
  • Always offer an added value to our services.
  • Provide all customers with a personalized and preferential treatment.

We have a highly qualified staff that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you the details of your movements as well as quotes and any additional information you may require.

Our Corporate Office and operations are located in San Diego, CA with representative offices in Cincinnati, OH, Dallas, TX. We also have warehouses for transloading, consolidation and storage of your products in the cities of San Diego, CA and Laredo, TX.