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We take care of the delivery of your products purchased in the United States. We offer a low cost international shipping solution.

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How is the import done?

The procedure is carried out through the small import (for natural person),
It is done through an import ticket and we do not use a request.

What are the shipping costs?

The cost is 36% of the total value of the invoice (after freight, tax, handling charges, etc); This cost includes: Taxes and customs procedures, warehouse, inspection, shipping to Mexico and home delivery (within the metropolitan area).

NOTE: * If your order is less than 850usd, the percentage charge does not apply. * We will proceed to charge a fixed amount of 300usd / 350 usd for IKEA orders * For IKEA orders, 46% of the total invoiced value will be charged. * Charge of 5% additional applicable on the total value of the invoice for card use (if requested by the client)

How is the payment made?

We require a 50% advance payment to process your order.

The rest can be done in cash at the time of delivery or through deposit in USD or Pesos (if you decide the deposit / transfer option, we will need the
voucher to proceed with delivery scheduling.)

How long does the shipping process take?

Once the items have been received in our warehouse, the entire import process,
transit and delivery takes between 10-12 business days.

More questions?

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